Dances With Films 18 Film Review: “Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector” Delivers a Splash of Dark Humor

Karl Manhair Postal Inspector
Karl Manhair Postal Inspector


By Ellexia Nguyen

“Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector” premiered at the 2015 Dances With Films Midnight Shorts. It is a short film that tells the story of a man who feels that his job as a Postal Inspector (played by Geoffrey Cantor) no longer matters to anyone. Plagued with a sense of irrelevance, Karl acts upon the advice of his life coach (played by Amy Rutberg) and makes the effort to take charge of his future. Sitting alone in his modest car and peering through bulky binoculars, Karl witnesses a thief stealing a delivery package off a neighbor’s doorstep.

The story leads us on a humor-filled journey as Karl fights for the package and traces its origin. Soon after, he becomes entangled in the strangest case of his career, uncovering the shocking secret behind his life coach. Chandler Kauffman (writer, director, co-executive producer) paints the story with talented cast members who make the characters come to life.

If you like character-driven comedy with a splash of dark humor, check out “Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector”. It is a film that shows the hilarity of one man’s desire to take control of his future, even if it means putting himself in the most uncomfortable situation.