After The Storms

Fennel Flower
Fennel Flower

By: Jannie Vaught

After all the rain storms, flooding loss and grief, the clean up continues.

Now the beautiful abundance has turned into a problem.

After moving, weed whacking, pulling weeds, and hauling into a large pile of limbs there is still too much!

So today I decided to focus on the raised beds. The grass was as high as an elephants eye and the grass pulling commenced. Then one of my daughters came bouncing in and the snacking started. Peas fresh off the vine, raspberry’s and plumbs. The visit was over and the shovel came back out. I harvested all my fingerling potatoes. Dug and turned the soil. Planted carrots, arugula, black eye peas and burp less cukes. By this time the humidity had taken over and the sweating was really going. Stinging my eyes. But I really needed to get this garden cleaned up and tended.

I stopped and ate some cherry tomatoes! That’s the joy of gardening, you get to indulge in what you grow, anytime you want. Now to the pruning back so I could walk around, and noticed the fennel which was covered with butterfly caterpillars was now empty. All had gone to crysylis. Then here came 2 fully grown Angel Wing Butterflies and they started laying eggs. So the cycle is still going on. Good thing they left some fennel from the last batch. Life is simply amazing in it’s simple turning of the wheel of time. When we will just stop long enough to watch the wonder happen right in front of us. Saturday I received my Territorial Seed Company 2015 Fall and Winter Catalog! It says Your guide for Autum, Winter, and Overwinter Gardening. And that sent me into another happy time of planning two season ahead guide. The big question is what do I want to try? The agriculture adventures are endless. Back to the garden now. I have another great book, The Texas Tomato Lover’s Handbook by William D. Adams this is a must. Great clear pictures and can do advise. I am implementing this next year and am starting to follow this book now. The tomato cages are great. For all the heat and storms.

All the achy muscles and failed try’s the garden for me is and always has been the best teacher of life ever. And when we get in sync with the natural flow it is truly inspiring to even be a little part of it. The gifts of the caretaker are truly given. We get to eat what we grow . What a Blessing. But just so you know, gardening is a dirty job. Hard and labor intensive. Sometimes frustrating and sad, but mostly joyful and fun. After all the storms the garden is still giving. Nice to remember we are never alone.

One thing gardeners like to do is visit, yes about gardening and their favorite plants.

It may be old school, but it works here in the Hills Of Texas.

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