Guillaume Campanacci’s “Devils In Disguise” Will Screen At The Chinese Theaters At 5 p.m. On Friday, June 5th

Devils in Disguise poster 1 (1)


By:  Austin Winter-Chase

Guillaume Campanacci’s “Devils In Disguise” is an intoxicating psychological mind bending thriller. Dripping with sensual sexuality and intrigued. Guillaume Campanacci takes one on a journey into the dark recesses of human psyche. Not since Alfred Hitchcock has a filmmaker skillfully turned filmmaking into an psychological art form. With masterful storytelling and simplistic, but beautiful cinematography Guillaume Campanacci shows his true strength as a extraordinary filmmaker in the making.

The true genius of this masterpiece should not be missed nor should one of the bright shining stars of the future of filmmaking, Guillaume Campanacci. Run don’t walk to see this wonderfully well made provocative artwork.