Dances With Films Review: “Ablution”, A Family Conflicted And In Turmoil


By: Kareem Williams

“Ablution” is a great movie with a story line that will blow you away. I believe we as humans have the struggle of being pure when it comes to religion; when at the end of the day, nobody is pure. “Ablution” is about a Muslim family, who have lost their father figure in the home, leaving the mother, AFSANEH (Nina Nayebi) upset with the daughter, NEDA (Melissa Recalde). It is the mothers belief that her husband left because of the daughter which causes so much strife and turmoil in the home. It is hard to believe, but yes, there are mothers out there like the one being portrayed in the film.

The film is a complex emotional web of pain and confusion as shown with the daughter, who is very very passionate about following the word of Islam, but she is confused about her own sexuality and feelings.  She starts to become upset with the mother for not following her interpretation of Islam. She even goes as far as calling the Iranian morality police, on her mother. Now this is something that could have went very wrong because in the Islamic faith the mother could have been killed for her actions (Having Sex Without being Married).

The most important element of the film is the son, OMID (Amin El Gamal), who has a very important role to play. He is the one in the middle of this family tragedy. He is caught in between the mother and daughter as they continue to fight back and forth; making this film very interesting from a guys point of view.

I will not tell you how this plays out, but I will say that you are going to be shocked at the brother and sister by the end of this film. This is a must see if you are of any religion.

“Ablution” had its world premiere in Hollywood at the 2015 Dance with Films Festival on Saturday, May 30; in Competition Shorts, Group 3

Ablution 15 min