An inside Look Into Rob Stewart Film “Revolution”

 Filmmaker Rob Stewarts
By: Adrienne Vaught

Edited By : Colleen Page

This incredibly driven individual will not let anything stop him from getting the truth out there! Not flesh eating bacteria or being lost in the middle of the ocean maybe forever. Filmmaker Rob Stewart is a warrior for the environment and the elegant predators of our wide and wondrous seas. In our conversation we discussed many important matters. Matters that each and every individual needs to know and start discussing at home,  at work,  and in the grocery store.Everywhere!

Who are you trying to reach with this film?

Rob Stewarts: Everyone with electricity. Let’s face it! The consumers of this world are the ones responsible for what is happening to our world. We are the ones who can correct it.

The problem is so big… Where do we start?

RS: We start with recognizing the problem and starting the conversation on a global level. We can communicate with one another over social media like no other time in history. Therefore we can problem solve globally.

Is there any one problem we should be focusing on?

RS: To think there is one problem we can focus on like global warming would be a mistake. You would only be treating the symptom not the disease. How much time do you think that would buy us? I’ll tell you very little.

Where in your opinion do we start?

RS: We start by bringing back nature. The natural biospheres that exist; exist for a purpose, that purpose is balance. That starts from the top down. Once these systems improve and start coming back we will see a dramatic change that can reverse damage in a real and measurable way. We as human beings need to rise above our current level of thinking and think about life on this planet as part of a web and we are connected with humanity right in the mix; not above or outside of it.

If we are going to make it, we are going to make it together!

We are the key to everything. I have great faith in us and our humanity.

There are so many options out there where does one person start? How do we find our own individual link in the chain?

RS: There are many organizations some are on the website for “Revolution” and “Sharkwater”. Contact some that appeal to you and tell them what you are good at, social media, bookkeeping, art etcetera. There is always a need for whatever gift you have in any organization. Just get started and get involved!

Do you have any new projects in the works and on the horizon?

RS: We are currently working on a pigmy seahorse love story… a quest for love on the coral reef. There is a vision of putting together a film that supposes we (humanity) have created the perfect world that we would want to live in and what that would look like both environmentally and personally.

Well folks you heard it here! In the words of Rob Stewart documentary film maker who has seen it firsthand. “If we are going to make it, we are going to make it together.” If that is true so is the reverse. I do not know about you but I for one want to MAKE IT! Let’s make it together. [TAOMR]