Ai P. Nilson: The Poetic Creativity Of An Artist’s Mind

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Ai P. Nilson was born in Huntington Park, raised in Los Angeles and San Bernardino, California, USA. With a strong foundation in Performing Arts (music, drama, and choreography) and Hair Design, she has proven to be a multi-talented and skilled being. Today, she inhabits the world of Visual Arts!

Ai possesses a wide range of artistic skills consisting of painting, drawing, and craftsmanship along with writing, designing, and consulting. She utilizes various objects and material such as walls, concrete, canvas, wood, glass, ceramics, metal, paper, sticks and people with her hands-on creations. Ai is extensively educated and experienced as a commissioned and conceptual artist. Her charcoal portraiture, abstract canvases, digital media arts, murals, scenic photography, and jewelry design has gained global recognition. She also serves as an international certified consultant of holistic health and interior decoration.

Currently, Mrs. Nilson combines all her extraordinary talents with G.I.A.N.T. Movement Management while pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Art History from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. Ai has worked, studied, and collaborated with many aspiring and well established artist to create one vision. Her works can be found with several satisfied individuals and groups, and featured in global publications. Her past accomplishments has lead to her being exclusively honored within the Certified International Decorators Association and Cambridge’s Who’s Who Amongst Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Ai Am Energy, Life, Unity, Balance, Here, Aesthetic, Happy, Success, Focused, Hip-Hop, Abstract, who happens to be a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Beautiful Stranger, a Student, Teacher, Fire Dragon, an Eagle, and Number One.

Ai Am the Lover of the Sun, Him, They, Them, The Arts, Beauty, Colorful Things, Nature, People’s Joyous Laughs, Cuddly Animals, Plants, Lady Bugs, Double Dutching, Hula Hooping, Humorous Situations, and Equality.

Ai Can Create, Provide, Utilize, Design, Style, Smile, Paint, Draw, Photograph, Build, Absorb, Learn, Educate, Read, Write, Edit, Critique, Sculpt, Plan, Restructure, Manage, Curate, Speak, Serve, Dance, Socialize, Cook, Eat, Shape Shift, and Rest.

Ai Have Love, Wealth, Motivation, Mystical Features, Sharp Mind, Quick Fingers, Ideas, Great Influences, Discipline, Accessible Tools, Many Outlets to Freedom, Awareness, and Intention.

I Believe in the Infinite; the Source of All Creation and Possibility, You and Ai.


Ai P. Nilson attributes her success to life experiences, a supportive family, great mentor-ship, and being able to capture her childlike essence. She looks forward to expanding as an artist, sharing her visions, and helping others find their creative center.

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