“Revolution” A time of action



By: Adrienne Vaught

Join the Revolution! It’s NEVER too late!

Using Earth Day to jumpstart a global conservation fundraising effort, director Rob Stewart has following up on his hit documentary “SHARKWATER” with the multiple award-winning “REVOLUTION”. The film was released on Earth Day, April 22, 2015. As part of a unique distribution strategy, Filmmaker Rob Stewart offered the film to the conservation community as a fundraising tool for their own campaigns. “REVOLUTION” will also be released digitally through the innovative streaming service Yekra and will be available on DVD/Blu-ray in May

 Director Rob Stewart (Sharkwater 2007) takes us to the depths to swim with the oceans top predators sharks. Through his love of these magnificent creatures and their plight a film that is more terrifying than any horror film ever imagined, because it is REAL. Uncovers how from the bottom of the muck in our oceans and every step up the food chain has finally reached the top and is now finding its way to you and me. The very probable loss of all our oceans species is becoming a mirror to all that walk the land above the sea. “Revolution” is an urgent call to arms in a race against pollution and destruction of our world.

With the multi award-winning documentary “Revolutions” theatrical release on Earth Day 2015 it gave one a moment to think about our future and the future of the generations to come. This is a pivotal time in our history;  we  can either put our heads in the sand and continue to deny what is going on or we can  come together in unity to heal the Earth and save our future.  The choice is ours but not for long. Time is running out. Humanity is the problem yet it could also be the solution! Join the thousands who have already been shown the light and see this film.



Theatrical Trailer April 22nd from Rob Stewart on Vimeo.