“Boy Meets Girl” A Message Of Unconditional Love: A interview With Director Eric Schaeffer

Actors: Michelle Hendley and Michael Welch Courtesy of  Wolfe Video
Actors: Michelle Hendley and Michael Welch
Courtesy of Wolfe Video

By: Adrienne Vaught

Edited By : Colleen Page

“Boy Meets Girl” is a coming-of-age LGBT film in which Director Eric Schaeffer challenges the audience to take their preconceived ideas of the small rural American town, throw it out the window into the gutter where most preconceived notions belong. Combine that with our innate drive to belong to the society and bodies in which we are born and ask ourselves; What if those two things don’t match up? What about our need to love and be understood? We find in this rural southern community a surprisingly deep sense of support, protectiveness and humor. As I followed the journey of these characters universal challenges such as; dreams, aspirations, love and acceptance. No matter the wide gap in circumstances I realized we are all driving our cars on the same highway of life. Some of us are just stuck in traffic.

In making this film, I wanted everyone–regardless of gender (cis or trans) or sexual orientation to have a chance to identify with the film’s themes of wanting to be unconditionally loved and accepted for who we are. The message in this film is the same as in all my work: labeling leaves no room for who we really are, or how we really experience life. I think our only chance is to bury those labels forever in favor of a singular new one: human. Hate is easy.  The real courage is in love. Director Eric Schaeffer

In this not so classical romantic comedy, there is an unexpected look into real matters of the heart versus social conditioning. Ricky (Michelle Hendley )is a young transwoman trying to navigate life while looking for love in her small Kentucky hometown. There is hope and despair as she faces the complicated choice of love with the beautiful rich girl Francesca (Alexandra Turshen) or with her lifelong best pal Robby (Michael Welch) The characters live in each and every moment with depth and humor for the human condition. Setting  of a small southern town strips away all preconceived notions of small town America and shows us that wherever we are and however we define ourselves we all can have the support of family, community and the love that we all deserve.

Director Eric Schaeffer Courtesy of  Wolfe Video
Director Eric Schaeffer
Courtesy of Wolfe Video

For those of you out there that have never had the opportunity to enjoy the thought provoking as well as highly entertaining work of DirectorEric Schaeffer, all I have to say is that you are missing out! I had the honor of sitting down with this deeply empathic soul to discuss what drives him to challenge and strip his audience bare to their very core selves. To connect what we think to what we feel. In “Boy Meets Girl”, Director Eric Schaeffer draws you into a visually, emotionally complex and beautiful world of what it actually means to be a human being with all of our diverseness.

Why it is important to him as an Artist and Director to push the envelope of our sexual/relationship societal norms. Ripping away the mask we wear for society?

Eric Schaeffer: I want to show the world that there is no such thing as a “norm” in society, never has been, to show that our needs and desires do not have to lead to the destructiveness of shame and guilt. What is most important to me is that we find unification within ourselves and each other.

How do you  draw such a real picture in his films and where he found beauty?

Director Eric Schaeffer was quiet for a moment and when he spoke he had this to say:

ES: I find beauty in watching humans have human experiences.

What was your childhood influences were?


 I was delighted at his answer.

ES: I  loved the Brady Bunch, Batman (mostly for the girls in tight costumes) and the Beatles.

Lest we forget, “Boy Meets Girl” is a romantic comedy. That only a Director like Eric Schaeffer could bring to life.

Because… Life is a funny thing.

“Boy Meets Girl” garnered numerous awards on the film festival circuit, including Best Feature at the Teaneck International Film Festival, the prestigious Iris Prize Festival and the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. The film also picked up multiple awards at FilmOut San Diego, sweeping up nearly every jury award for which it was eligible at the 2014 festival – nabbing statues for Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor. Hendley also won the Programming Award for Outstanding Emerging Talent. It is also  one of the most popular and award-winning LGBT films of the year!  [TAOMR]