Natures Celebration of Spring

Painting by: Julian Onderdonk "Blue Bonnet Field Early Morning" (1914)
Painting by: Julian Onderdonk
“Blue Bonnet Field Early Morning” (1914)


By: Jannie Vaught

Every spring the wait for the first Blue Bonnet to show is a day for happy celebration!

Happy Celebration Everyone their here!!

This is the show of natures beauty we have been waiting through all this dreary dark winter. We have a bunch on the corner of our car port and we check it daily. When that first cluster show’s we get busy. There are Bachelor Buttons also blooming and all the fruit trees are in full bloom even the pear which tend to be last. How fortunate we are to live in the Texas Hill Country, Rolling hills of oak trees, blankets of wild flowers and clear starry nights.  Not far from us is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. A truly worth it drive and take your time it will take all day to browse and look and learn. There is  now the Luci and Ian Family Garden. Here is what I learned about Overlooked Endangered Species; Wildflowers are at risk just as much as many plants and animals. 8.000 of North America’s plant species, nearly 30% are at risk of extinction and 28 of these are in Texas. Native wildflowers, trees and other plants clean our air, conserve water, prevent soil erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife and medicines that can save lives. When these pretty faces emerge and we are feeling good for the sunshine and spring, we are seeing the earth’s bounty and balance. This will be an excellent wildflower year.

To plant blue bonnet seeds  they need to be planted in the fall. They need to be scarified, a tiny scratch on the hard outer coating to promote germination. Nature does this but it will take up to 2 years for the soil to abrade the outer hull. I put some sand paper in the inside of a soup can. Add seeds and shake. Now plant, they like sun and will be there many years. As the sun comes shining each day the growing season get’s faster and for me I am already behind in the mowing, weeding and planting.

Time to get going!

Happy Spring and Thanks for the Blue Bonnets!

Growing Green and Blue With Jannie