“Love Hunter”: An America Story



By: Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Love Hunter is a wonderful story about reaching out and following ones dreams at the same time it is a cautionary tale about what happens when one stops caring and thinking about others. It is here when a person can becomes lost in a world of their own making,  solely thinking about themselves and their needs.



In the 1990’s, singer-songwriter Milan Mumin, the lead singer of the hugely influential Serbian rock band, Love Hunters, electrified and gave voice to a generation of Serbians fighting an oppressive regime. Now, after ten years, Milan is in New York City, driving a taxi. Trying to pull together  funds for a recording session of his dream album. When his bass guitar player suddenly quits, he finds a talented, but strong willed replacement named Kim. As Milan and Kim begin to work together a romantic spark begins to grow. Which is destined to change the lives of Milan’s longtime Serbian girlfriend Lela, Kim and Milan.

Love Hunter 86 min

Love Hunter is a wonderful artistic film which takes you into the mind of an artists who is determined to make their dreams come true no matter the cost. Beautifully simplistic it is a film that is truly worth the time to see it.




In Association with The Ultimate Underground, The Art Of Monteque is pleased to bring you a interview with Director Nemanja Bala of Love Hunter.

You can hear the whole interview  by going here “The Art Of Independents: Film & Music“