2015 Slamdance Film Festival Review: 20 YEARS OF MADNESS, a documentary directed by Jeremy Royce.

cdn.indiewireBy: Monteque Pope- Le Beau

When the eccentric cast of a mid-90s Public Access show in Detroit reunite after 20 years to make a new episode, they are forced to take a hard look at their lives and reconcile their teenage dreams with the realities of adulthood.

When one is young we are often full of dreams and hope. It is not a  time to not to take risk or be fearful. Teenagers are forces of nature, going though life the way they choose. Living on the the edge, never looking back nor looking to the future. 20 YEARS OF MADNESS is a documentary about the lives of a group of Teenagers who for a moment of time they had the ride of their lives and had to come back to earth to deal with adulthood and life struggles.

follows Jerry White Jr., creator of the 90s cult Public Access TV Show 30 MINUTES OF MADNESS, as he returns to his hometown of Rochester, Michigan to make a new episode for the show’s twenty-year anniversary. The show included a ragtag cast of outsiders who routinely played o beat and crazy characters. What they couldn’t have predicted was that the wild and unhinged lifestyle they embraced on the show would eventually become a reality for many of them later in life. Jerry, now 37, never stopped believing in the show and the potential of its collaborators. The lm explores the bond between childhood friends, now struggling in adulthood, after life has failed to provide many of them with the opportunities for which they had hoped. As Jerry gathers everyone together, he is forced to confront years of resentment, rebuild burnt bridges, and balance challenging personalities in the hope of reviving a once thriving creative community.

20 YEARS OF MADNESS explores the importance of friendship in artistic collaboration and how it can be used to overcome and transcend the labels and expectations placed on us by society.

20 YEARS OF MADNESS was  Slamdance’s opening night film and it was a true must see wonderful documentary.