2015 Slamdance Film Festival Review: Alisi Telengut’s Tears of Inge



By Vernon Nickerson

Alisi Telengut’s short- Tears of Inge is a delightful depiction of the fluidity of relationships between an planet earth and its nomadic inhabitants: male and female, earth, camels in childbirth, humans and camels, and earth, animals and humans.


Tears of Inge 2 Tears of Inge 4


A four-plus minute feast of hand-painted animated impressionist art brings the “canvas” of film to 3-D quality life  (without those annoying glasses) and is given its “breath” with a brief narration of an original Mongolian nomadic story by Ms. Telenguts’s grandmother, Qirima. With a simple engaging story and high quality animation combine to  create one priceless gem of a short. This unique mash-up of art and animation draws you in deeply and vividly, providing this viewer a soul-satisfying and nurturing experience.


Tears of Inge 4:21 min

Director: Alisi Telengut