“Loitering with Intent” A journey of Self Discovery


By: Monteque Pope- Le beau

“Loitering with Intent” masterfully shows that sometimes the decisions that we make are not always the best, but sometimes they are what makes us who we are. It is a wonderful chaotic comical statement in which sometimes no matter what we do to right the past; we just can’t go home again.

“Loitering with Intent”
“Loitering with Intent”

Rafael and Dominic are best friends and actors who work in a bar. Their lives are simple yet there is something lacking. Dominic is an overachiever who is overwhelmed by the fact he is going nowhere. Rafael is haunted by the fact that his one true love in his life, he let get away. As their journey continues as struggling actors Dominic slowly starts to unravel as his journey to become an actor starts to come to a halt. Raphael on the other hand, remains carefree until a chance to have one of their scripts produced puts them on a path to succeed or fail. They go to Dominic’s sister Gigi’s house in the country to try to write the script in 10 days, but there are quite a few distractions in the country; plus old ghost that won’t die.

Loitering with Intent 80 min

Director: Adam Rapp