Melissa Moss: A study Of An Artist of the Heart

Artist Melissa Moss
Artist Melissa Moss

Melissa Moss’s paintings of delicate trees and otherworldly flowers may depict adorable creatures being devoured or pretty pink flowers attacking a tree. Tiny details such as drops of blood or imperiled creatures are not always evident at first glance. Sometimes sinister, this is the subterranean landscape that lies beneath a child’s fairy tale or a Saturday morning cartoon.

“As a kid I used to see life and emotion in everything, even inanimate objects. I would feel bad for toys that didn’t get played with very often. I still feel like that today, especially with nature. I feel for the tree that has been lopped off to make room for a telephone cable or the once beautiful dying flower. I try to put these emotions into the trees, flowers and creatures that I paint. I imagine an underlying universe out there unseen by human eyes. This is my inspiration and what drives me to paint.” Artist Melissa Moss

Melissa Moss was born and raised in Cincinnati. She has a background in color psychology and is well versed in the meanings of colors and their subtle shades and tones. Painting on wood with acrylic, Melissa combines colors in an arresting way, creating a tinted world that is very much her own invention. Melissa Moss now lives in Asheville, NC.

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