Artist: Jose Angel Hernandez

Jose Angel Hernandez
Jose Angel Hernandez



Jose Angel Hernandez was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Northeast of the United States. It wasn’t until his midlife, at turn of the century, that  he developed a passion for painting.  Jose Angel Hernandez started  his art career in Los Angeles, California, going to local art workshops and read lots of art books. In 2004, what started as his mid-life crisis turned into  his mid-life journey when he sold my first painting. In late 2008 Jose Angel Hernandez moved to Texas where he won a couple of first places in art competitions and one best of show. On February 1, 2013, a day that changed his life,  he moved back to California where he plans to continue his mid-life journey of words and colors.


Artist’s Statement

As an artist, I find the most satisfaction when I create figurative art. People are the most beautiful and most complex beings in our world. I try to express that beauty with colors and the complexity of life in the compositions of my works.


Biography of Womanly Blues:

Is  a body of work consisting of 20 oil paintings. It was created in memory of a group of ladies that sang the blues. Each painting has a portrait of a female blues singer from the 20th century. Exhibited along the side of each painting; a short biography of the singer. This project, three years in the making, impacted me like no other project had done previously.


I find these ladies fascinating; traveling throughout the United States at time road transportation was at an early stage of development. The early woman in blues lived the ups and downs of the United States’ economy; roaring 20s, the Great Depression. It has been said blues had a strong influence on rock and roll that started in the 40s and the 50s. Well these ladies were their doing their thing, using their talented voices in their pursuit of happiness.


The biographies of these vocalists tell the stories that led these, sometimes very young, women to the world of entertainment and their journeys. Some of the selected blues singers came from signing in church and some ended up in an environment of drugs and alcohol. Some of the stories are very influential and inspiring.


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