Celebrating The Life Of M. Elizabeth Pope

M. Elizabeth Pope
M. Elizabeth Pope


Austin Winter- Chase

Many of you do not know the person who inspired the Art of Monteque, for some she is  nothing more than a name or myth.

M. Elizabeth Pope was far more than just that………

There are no words to describe M. Elizabeth Pope, but one could still try. Born in 1944 and raised in Santa Barbara. She was raised in a family of storytellers and artist. She grow to become an artist of astonishing talent. A student of higher education and life; M. Elizabeth Pope exhibited great promise in her professional life, while she did a great deal of public service. Gifted with a multitude of skills acquired from life encounters she went on to paint and write the most profound works of her life. From the smallest poem to her novels, each work is imbued with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Her works are full of ideas about the human condition and how to best serve humanity. This is way she is the inspiration and the reason behind The Dreamweaverarts Organization, but above all she was a wonderful mother. M. Elizabeth Pope is the mother of our  founder and wonderful colleague, Monteque Pope Le Beau. Who she loved more than life itself.  Monteque’s presents today with us is proof of that, proof of a mothers love. She poured everything she had into Monteque for that and the person Monteque is today, we are truly grateful to her. Monteque is the living legacy and gift given to us all by M. Elizabeth Pope.

Sultan (Acrylic on Canvas) By Chris Crosby
Sultan (Acrylic on Canvas)
By Chris Crosby

In August of 2009 the rare and precious jewel which was M. Elizabeth Pope passed away, but her work still lives on to help make a difference in this world in The Art Of Monteque. This August 28, 2014 symbolizes the fifth year of her passing. As with many things, she celebrated life with a passion and hunger that would have lit the world. A person as she would say who was just an average Joe was the brightest of all shooting stars and went out to soon. Unselfish in her own right; one could only feel blessed to be in her presence and if you were unable to shine your own light, she would not only share her’s, but also give you a portion of her light so you could be the light for someone else. Never one to talk about herself; she did a great deal and helped wherever she could. Her accomplishments were many, but she would rather  them go unnoticed because for her, her true accomplishment was to give a helping hand to someone who needed it. On this day let us celebrate M. Elizabeth Pope as she lived her life being adventurous, passionate, living life to the fullest and helping others.

Mother + Child By Tracie Thornton
Mother + Child
By Tracie Thornton

Dreamweaverarts would like to honor M.Elizabeth Pope the only way we know how, through the very thing that she loved….. art. Join us in our celebration  of this wonderful life and bight light. Enjoy the chosen artist we think M. Elizabeth Pope would have loved.

Blackbird Soaring
Blackbird Soaring By Dan Lee

Blackbird Soaring


Monteque Pope-Le Beau

There’s a blackbird soaring high above my head unnoticed by all,

but I see it soaring high above.

As I walk along my lonely path I see it’s shadow following me.

As I look up I see it  soaring above me.

My head hung low my heart heavy with loss…….

As I have traveled this path without my Compass.

Soon I see the blackbird sitting high upon the  top of  a tree

and I stop to stare at it for a moment.

The blackbird stares back at me.

It’s eyes are steady, bold and true.

It’s gaze seems to reach into my soul.

I stand before it transfixed.

I try to look away, but I can’t.

Not understanding the language it is trying to speak,

but I know it is talking to me..

I know that voice.

I know those eyes.

It’s beauty overwhelms me and the tears begin to run down my cheeks.

Once again the blackbird takes flight and this time……

I follow as it guides me….

setting my feet upon a different path

I look up again to see it soaring high above me once more.

I watch as it soaring  higher and higher and higher…..

until finally the blackbird disappears.

And it is then I realize with great gratitude and a light heart my compass came back to guide me  home.

"If I could only"  24 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas
“If I could only” 24 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas By Bradley Cater

Poem By

Nathan Robbins
Self Control One cannot rely on anybody, especially ones own body,

Mind must guide, devise actions,
baby steps to factions,

Once the ball is rolling, the mind-body-soul is tolling,

From the rules of the world, and it’s products disturbed,

The mind cannot move in a physical sense or realm,

Requires rest for the impossible battle for this whelm,

Dreams depths, dense and grow deeper than any ocean,

To wake up everyday, and step in a way, now that’s motion,

Dissecting ones direction, requires motivated reflection,

Different gears fit at different times, can’t force connections,

It can’t be seen in whole, but all pieces together makes the soul,

Pursuit of pleasure, gifts, paradigm shift, and a little self control.

Hand Made Paper#190 "Mort.12" 24x30x2
Hand Made Paper#190 “Mort.12” 24x30x2 by Artist M. Helsenrott Hochhauser

Poem By

Andrew Hager


i don’t write like i used to
because i’m ashamed
a tiresome winetooth
my problems don’t change
and its keeping me from you
its keeping me from you
i can’t see what matters
its stealing i love you
pleading with myself
but theres no trust
i fail and i fail and i fail like i must
and its keeping me from you
its keeping me from you
frozen in guilt i remember i love you
how can i say this
and then play the victim
its like i’m two people
but its all my fault
and its keeping me from you
its keeping me from you
i cant see what matters
its stealing i love you

Silver Light By: Monteque Pope-Le Beau
Silver Light By: Monteque Pope-Le Beau


By M. Elizabeth Pope

How tiny, not even an armful

How strong the cry

There is music in the sound

You have his eyes

Your smile takes me back to him

I look at his pictures hanging on the wall

And think to myself  my love

You look just like him

I am holding him in my arms

I Can't Watch!
I Can’t Watch! By Sandra S. Newman


By M. Elizabeth Pope

I can fly

Fly, soar

Come, come fly with me

We can dance among the stars

We can bathe in the rain of a new day

Soar with me

Just believe and fly with me

Untitled  60"w x 48"h, Oil on Canva
Untitled 60″w x 48″h, Oil on Canvas By Frank Miscione

The Light of the Times

By M. Elizabeth Pope

Light is important in anytime

Whether past, present, or future

Light plays a part

Light and confusion

Light and sadness

Light and darkness

Light and happiness

If I Were You

If I were you how happy I would be

If I were you the days would be brighter

If I were you my steps would be lighter

If I were you my life would be … would be……

If I were you I would shake the night and kiss the day

If I were you ….

Photos By: M. Elizabeth Pope And Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Words by: Monteque Pope-Le Beau

Video by: Allen McConnell