Artist: Bradley Carter

Artist Bradley Carter with  The Painting:  Carolina Summer
Artist Bradley Carter with The Painting: Carolina Summer


Bradley Carter was born in Ohio in 1977 and grew up pursing arts in Virginia and North Carolina. Bradley works predominately in the medium of painting with his passion in Abstract Expressionism, but includes collage and photography in some of his works. He completed his BFA in painting and print making from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002. He is active in both national and local juried shows and is currently represented by Figments Gallery in Wilmington, NC. He is an international selling artist and currently lives and works in Wilmington, NC


Artist Statement
Abstract painting, for me it is the purest form of visual arts, as an Artist I am always striving to express my emotion, thoughts, and experiences. Abstract Art allows me to express these topics in a uniquely personal way. When people ask me about Abstract Art, I refer to it as it’s like defining love. It is what it is and is unique to every individual because their interpretation of the world, which is based on their experiences, their emotion, and their beliefs. It is an art that requires the viewer to not only visually experience the art but interact with it. Let who they are reflect upon the art and have an unique personal experience.

In my current paintings, I am looking for emotional triggers and connections. Harmonious movements and understood meanings that connect us to what we have felt or wish to feel. The simplistic movement, shape, or color that can deliver a powerful emotional response. It is through these understood connections of color, shape, and movement that I strive to deliver my beliefs, emotion, vision, and experiences and capture it in my work.

The Structure of my work is based off of Artist interaction. If I do not resemble my work or covered in my work then I feel the work is not ready or does not have enough history to stand alone. I use non-traditional methods in my paintings from found tools such as plastic deli scrappers, plastic bottles, dowel rods, to just my hands. In the process of painting I try to let the history of the painting remain present. I also rely heavily on freedom or chance as the paint is scrolled in the air, dripped, thrown, and squirted and captured by the canvas. It is in this freedom where I am happiest but also the sadist. Chance can be a beautiful simple movement as it lands against the painting bringing to an end of many days of work. Or it can destroy the painting in a minute, But life is such the same. Enjoy the experience, and in the moment of chance the possibilities are endless and if we fail, we will try again.


2015 Planned Exhibitions
Caprice Bistro Solo Show 10 Market St. Wilmington, NC 28401 January 1 through February 28, 2015
MC Enry Gallery Two Person show WHQR Wilmington, NC 28401 March 27th through May 8, 2015
15th Annual Landfall Art Show, Wilmington, NC August 21 through 23
Judge Nicole Kennedy
27th Northern National Art Competition, Nicolet Art Gallery, Rhinelander, WI July 22 through September 12, 2014
Eye of the Artist 4th Annual Juried Show, Welborn Gallery, Yadkinville, NC, July 11 through August 29
Juror Carolyn Blaylock
Installation at Port City Mortgage 108 N. Kerr Ave Unit F-2 Wilmington, NC Ongoing
ArtCrashrs Venice Arts 1702 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 June 28 Curator Hollie McLaughlin Martin
Cape Fear Studios Annual National Juried 2D Exhibition Fayetteville, NC June 27 through July 21 Juror Barbara Jaenicke
Southport regional show at Franklin Square Gallery June 2 through June 21 Juror Judi Betts
Cape Fear Studios Annual National Juried 2D Exhibition Fayetteville, NC June 27 through July 21 Juror Barbara Jaenicke
40 under 40 Juried Art Show Alamance Art Council, NC April 24 through June 13 Juror Michael Fels
32nd WAA Annual Juried Spring Art Show Wilmington, NC April 11 through April 13 Juror Bob Rankin
The Great Getaway Art Exhibition, Lumberton, NC April 8 through 11 Juror Jennifer Dasel
Arts of the Bellamy Group Show Wilmington, NC March 10 through April 21                 • Figments Gallery, Wilmington, NC Landfall Shopping Center 1319 Military Cutoff Rd Permanent Artist 2013-2014
Education and Experience
Interview by Diplomacy Post June 29, 2014 American Abstract Artist
Group Curator & Administrator for Abstract Expressionism on Fine Art America 2013- present
2000-2002 Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA Painting and Printmaking
Department, Bachelors of Fine Art
1997-2000 John Tyler Community College, Chester VA Associates Degree and Fine Art Certificate


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