Learning about Native Plants

Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country


Jannie Vaught


When the temperatures are Hot and we are all watching our water usage it is then that we start to really get the real picture– Native Plants!


The trees and plants that are from your area and have lived through and thrived in every type of temperature and water shortage. When we are new to a place we tend to want the flowers and plants we are use to. They give us comfort and a familiar feeling of home. Well for some of us new to the Hill Country we quickly learn that is a waist of time and money to plant un adapted and un native plants in our yard’s.


Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country


I am thankfully I had a very helpful neighbor who very nicely said, ” that will die when the heat starts”. And thankfully I listened to her, looked at her yard and followed her advice. There are abundant variety of flowers trees shrubs to learn about. We are very fortunate to have some of the Best education information available at our finger tips. First the Texas argilife extension is a solid helping hand, then the journey just keeps wanting to more and more helpful folks, it is truly a state of gardeners and growers.


Here are some good sites on the internet to use:

AustinTexas.gov. There you can look at their book of Native and Adapted Landscape Plants, an earthwise guide for central Texas. Good pictures and growing pruning and watering needs. I use this book a lot. It is clear and easy to read and use. Then there is the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center, if you haven’t been there it is a must go. Their internet site is very good and full of all the water saving information you can possibly want. This is just a drop in the bucket for us who garden seriously. The Master Gardeners program is another. How fortunate we are to have all this help. We just need to take a minute and find the answers we need.


Here are a few of my favorites:



Texas Red Oak

Live oak

Crape Myrtle

Eve’s Necklace

Desert Willow

Mountain Laurel

The Texas Persimmon


Your neighbors are good sources for there trees and are more that happy to get you started on your journey to Texas Natives.


Pecan Orchard
Pecan Orchard


So as the landscape starts to look dry and tired these Natives will survive and thrive, keeping our homes looking good and providing for the native bugs and birds. Take advantage of all the help offered and Keep Growing!


Growing Green and loving Natives with Jannie