Poetry By: Monteque Pope- Le Beau



We Are

We are the same not single, but one.

Not two but whole.

What you see is not what we are.

What we are is that which is everything.

We are in everything and yet nothing, just a simple sacred spark of the divine.

We are the infinite and as vast as the stars in the heavens

We are the passions for great ideas.

The inspired genus which causes dreams to take flight.

We are the reflection of each other.

We are the mysterious force.

We are love.

Yes love, the very thing that gives us reason to live.

That which gives life meaning.

We are the breath.

We are energy.

We are the vibration.

We are the light

We are the water.

We are the many colors and creeds of nature’s bouquet.

We are the symphony of life.

We are you.

The Land of my Ancestors

As I walk the land speaks to me.

It says, it is land of my ancestors.

As I walk the wind sings to me.

It says, theses are the songs of their heart.

As I walk the river speaks to me.

It says, I am the blood, sweat, and tears which flowed from them.

As I sit, a tree speaks to me.

It says, I am the roots of your ancestors which binds you to them.

As I look to the mountains they speak to me.

They say, in us is the wisdom and the heart of all my ancestors.

As a bird flies by it speaks to me..

It says, I am the spirt, of your ancestors which has soared to the heavens and beyond.

As I sit, I see for the first time.

I see everything that was and everything that will be, is united in me.

For this land….. this land of my ancestors is in my blood

This land, they bled and cried for is the land of all that I am and all I will ever be.

For my ancestors live on in me and the land.

The Mountain

I wish I could bring everyone to the top of the mountain..

So they could see.

How wonderful life is.

How all of us are so deeply connected with each other..

How we are all wonderful works in our own right.

On the mountain you can see, it seems almost forever.

The air is crisp and clean.

The sky is so blue, you think you are imagining it.

The mountains are so tall and magnificent that you feel …

so small in this amazing world of wonder.

You stand in awe as a light dust of white powder falls upon you…..

And the sound….

It is so quite….

that the only sound you hear is….

the sound of the snow.

It is here your heart beat becomes the sound track to

all your are seeing… and feeling.

As you heart leaps at the thrill of flying down the side of the mountain…

like a bird in the sky.

This is my world.

This is where I find myself and peace.

I wish others could see and feel what I do.

We are all the same!

We are all one!

Life’s Journey

The life inside of us is continuous, boundless and infinite.

As we travel floating like a leaf in the wind there are no guarantees of where we shall land.

It is a journey of the unforeseen,

a journey of the unknown,

a journey of discovery,

a journey of the sublime,

a journey of pain,

a journey of the unfamiliar,

a journey to the center of who we are.

As we journey on breathing in all we have learned.

Connecting, intersecting and creating a vast collective pool of experiences.

Of which consist of both darkness and light.

Our feet securely planted on the earth.

Our eyes fixed on the horizon.

Everything around us is ever changing as time marches on

never stopping for anyone.

The doors of life open and close in a blink of an eye.

Each one we must walk though one day.

The life of a person is one which integrates with others.

As we go on we find the true meaning of our life is endless

and it is then we realize love is eternal.

*All Poems Are Copyrighted*