2014 Slamdance Film Festival Review: OVO, How far would you go to survive and at what cost?

 The Film: OVO


OVO Film Review


Monteque Pope-Le Beau


Very few science fiction films causes one to think about their place in humanity or even the universe. With brilliant storytelling and extraordinary CGI OVO does just that. While gracefully hovering between the land of humanity and the land of animal survival.




Stranded on a strange planet three intergalactic criminals who have feasted on their shipmates to survive are all that remains of their crew. As the struggle for survival and to repair the damage starship continues the fate of two of the three criminals seems to be sealed with the strongest getting ready to feed on the weakest. Until an unknown organism surfaces and changes the fate of the three men altogether and perhaps the universe.


OVO is visually stunning and takes you on a soul searching journey as one reflects on the questions it poses.

  OVO was screened at the Slamdance Film Festival 2014




OVO 14:49 min

Director: Mihai Wilson