The Wonderful Watermelon

  By Jannie Vaught The (Cucurbitaceae) along with cantaloupe, honeydew, and cucumber originally domesticated in West Africa. This is a vining flowering plant with over 1000 varieties. The health benefits are Beta carotene and phenolic antioxidant found in the red to orange colors and it gets better as the melon ripens Low in calories and full of hydration, vitamins, and rich in iron. Planting and … Continue reading The Wonderful Watermelon

Watermelon, A Treat For Long Days

By: Jannie Vaught With the garden fully planted and the job of setting watering systems and repairing sprinklers the only thought in my mind as I plant and dig is “Watermelon.” Citrullus lanatus is a scrambling and trailing vine in the flowering plant family Cucurbitaceae. The species long thought to originate in South Africa. Although that was an error and DNA tests have found it … Continue reading Watermelon, A Treat For Long Days