Power Struggle

By Stephen Pisko The human being is continually enduring a personal “inner & outer” power struggle which is (self) over and above (ego) It is the introverted insecure fragile initiation directly placed in the middle of the interior and exterior desparately trying to find it’s place in the mangled meaning of it all. Ego always takes front and center stage it is the exhilarating extrovert … Continue reading Power Struggle

A Year In The Life Of Jack And Yaya

By Joanna Panayi Jack & Yaya captures a year in the life of childhood best friends who grew up defying gender norms to transitioning in their twenties. Jack and Yaya grew up together as next-door neighbors in a rural area, supporting each other when they realized they were both transgender. This film highlights their friendship through present-day and juxtaposed archival videos with Jack, Yaya, and their … Continue reading A Year In The Life Of Jack And Yaya