Many Gardeners Grow Herbs

By Jannie Vaught It is either in a specific herb garden or right along with all the vegetables. We often think of basil, chamomile, fennel, catnip, coriander, lavender, mint, summer savory, marjoram, tarragon, oregano, chervil, lovage, parsley, dill, lemongrass, verbena, rosemary, bay, melissa, hyssop, thyme, and the wide variety of sage. Sage is our simple, beautiful, and delicious cultivar today. Salvia Officinalis is one of … Continue reading Many Gardeners Grow Herbs

Welcome To The Month Of November

Jannie Vaught The month of leaves, is this why it is called Fall? Anyway the bamboo leaf rake is out and the leaf re-distribution has begun. Don’t loose a single leaf! Break down thick layers of leaf accumulation in beds and lawn. Thick heavy matts can encourage mice, voles and pests. Break up the matted build up and take to your compost bin to be … Continue reading Welcome To The Month Of November

What Do You Say For All The Up And Down Temperatures?

By Jannie Vaught Its spring and that’s what it does. We adapt to this by keeping our weather eye open and watching. Some plants we will lose and some will survive, we are early enough that we can replant and resow seeds. There has never been a hard and fast way to garden, we just go with the flow. One of my all-time favorite garden … Continue reading What Do You Say For All The Up And Down Temperatures?