“Kung Food” Is A Pitch Perfect Engaging Family Action Adventure

By Vernon Nickerson

“Kung Food”, from Director Haipeng Sun and the writing team of  Jinglei Lin, Hua Ma, and Haipeng Sun is a veritable feast of animated food fantasy. Engaging performances by its three principal actors: Zhengjian Guo, Yu Meng. and Puzhao Yangguang allow the audience a full immersion experience in state-of-the-art animation. I look forward to someday watching this fine adventure/comedy unfold on the big cinema screen.  Visually, the creative team makes good use of many tropes from the Kung Foo movie genre with a light and affecting touch– just enough to keep the plot line moving along.

“Kung Food” is a pitch-perfect entertainment in the Monty Python-marries-Marvel Comic Universe-model.  There is simply no telling what it will do to your appetite, and that is the film’s comic genius and the point. Silly and relaxing, every family member will find something to like about this intergenerational film.

Plain old/new fun has a new avatar- “Kung Food”. Go see this film in whatever format is safest and most comfortable for you and your friends and family.  Allow yourself to be immersed into the fantasy of kung fu nostalgia with Haipeng Sun’s “Kung Food”.

You can view the film Kung Food on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV