The Shining Talent of Artist Peter Beck

Artist Peter Beck in his workshop

Peter Beck is an extraordinarily talented 17 year old artist and woodworker from Long Beach Ca. He seems like any ordinary Wilson High School teenager who likes surfing, running and basketball, but go to his garage which was converted into his workshop and you will see the genius of this young man. There you will fine the unbelievable beauty of his talent which are model boats made by Peter. His models range from 12 inches to a 9-foot-long, 5-foot-tall ship that featured 100 hand-sewn sails and are sea worthy. He has competed in many sailing races and has won quite a few, but his craftsmanship is unparalleled artistically.

My works are meant to provide an environment in which the elements of color and form provide the viewer with a world within the art. Playing with the notions of self-image, individual perspectives, and human advancement.

Peter Beck
Title: Overbuild Model Boat
Made: 2020
Medium: Wood and paint

The summer of 2010 was the first year Peter attended the Long Beach Model Boat Shop program. Sitting on a bench in a courtyard under the shade of a large tree, he spent days sanding the keel for his 12″ model sailboat. Peter would sand then take the keel to the director and the assistant for inspection. They would send him back to sand some more. This was a monotonous and lengthy process, but he didn’t mind. After the keel was smoothed and ready, Peter was given the 12-inch hull of the boat to sand, then the deck step and the masts. When everything was prepped Peter got to pick the color scheme for the boat and paint each piece. When everything was dry the director and her assistant would cut the sails and rig the lines on the assembled boat and it was ready to sail for the last day


He was hooked!


8’ 7” with 115 sails! Original design and hand made 🙂 website link in bio #fyp #foryou #tik_tok #sail #woodworking #modelboats #art #originalart #boa

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His family’s summer vacation from then on was scheduled around the dates of the model sailboat program. It always started the first week after the last day of school. Over the years his skills developed and when Peter was 13 he became the director’s assistant and learned all the ins and outs of the craft. Eventually, Peter began to work on making boats from scratch. Peter enjoys making his boats along with other works and designs as a why to express his thoughts and interpretations. Peter has now learned to sail full-size boats also.

With an eye on the future Peter hopes to go into some kind of area of design whether architectural landscaping or city planning. He is also an prolific abstract artist who is an exceptional young man of great artistic talent. Peter sells his artwork and works on commissions for model boats.

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