The Fall Garden Is Better Than The Spring

 Mexican Feather Grass
Mexican Feather Grass


Jannie Vaught


The garden now is beautiful!

The Ott’s Morning Glories are breath taking. All the Mustard, Collards and English Peas are growing rapidly and the garlic is going in next week with the temperatures finally going down. I already am planning what’s going in and what is not. Every season is a learning experience.

Yes, tomatoes are always at the top of the list, but which one’s. Last spring and summer was a bountiful tomato year, bugs aside. I think this year I will go for the sauce and canning varieties. Roma’s were good, also the Porters and the Celebrity. A few cherry for the salad and maybe that will do, then again the yellow plumb were really tasty; now I get off into the problem of too many varieties!

Then there are the peppers, oh my!

Such fun to plan and look ahead. I was working in the front yesterday, and planning more ideas of natives, especially some interesting borders and more agave and grasses to blend into the lawn area and maybe making some borders with some drought tolerant plants.

Here is the idea:

Use some of the abundant rock and make some curved ledges doing two things at once.

 1. making use of curved swale areas to hold moisture and reducing the need for water and recharging the soil. Then behind the ledge, plant some striking Sweet pepperbush that will flow around the rocks. There is always the Mexican Feather Grass that is so prolific and some more Agave and Yucca. I figure the less water I need on the plants the better off. I get interesting yard plantings and also less mowing, when the grass is replaced by native plants.

2. By making the yard a more inviting place to be in I get more room. I see that we need area’s where one can relax, sit and have a cool drink, along with another place to swing in a hammock or recline in a nice old comfy chair to finally enjoy all the hard work.

Combining the paths and seating areas is an important part of the design and hey it is a garden, you can always change it. And truth be told that’s what we do as gardeners, change!

So today I am looking for more local natives and being relaxed knowing the season will change and again I will be deciding which tomatoes to plant.

Relaxing in the yard and growing green with Jannie