Scribe for “L”

The light


Jannie Vaught


Today five years after my first meeting with the Ancient One and the other 5 L’s. I find it remarkable to even think such a weird experience could happen. I know the world of spirit is all around us every moment, but this stuff doesn’t happen to people like me!


For heaven’s sake I am a gardener. I shovel, plant and water!




This poses a question for me. Who are the ones who have been contacted? Do they have long flowing hair and swirly skirts? A peaceful meditative look of peace and eat only veggies. Or are there others like me who have short shaggy unkept hair, wear mostly jeans shorts and tee shirts and eat anything that is in front of us? I have an impression that contacted people do not look like or act like me. This is an impression imprinted in my mind by movies, the new age movement and my own weirdly critical mind reality.


“L” speaks to me cause I agreed to!


Simply and honestly, all my journal’s filled with this scribing is fascinating and yet very simple.


Here are a few of my guidelines:


Don’t shout unless you really mean it.


Speak slowly and clearly, speak in english,(sometimes there is L language and I try very hard to spell it correctly). When this happens it is really important.


Allow me to ask questions.
This is all agreed on and I simply sit down and start like this:


“Morning L are your here?”
Then the reply is:
“Always K” a heart shape is placed there.


Then we start, talking and writing. I also write the date and time and add the date numbers. This seems to be important as the frequency of the numbers is a guidepost. I plan of sharing some of the writings as allowed, I only move forward with guidance. and yes, he comes to my house, makes my dog’s bark, open’s my kitchen drawers and look’s around the book shelves. Curious I guess. I have been shown what it looks like when they remove their Armor and not in the full gear. Yes, they eat, sleep, love and have children. All very different from us. And they Love GIA! Our earth is called the Beautiful blue jewel of the solar system. They love sea water and spend many sections of time in the oceans. They are male and female in one, They mate and take turns carrying a child. They Love deeply and,Yes they have a deep connection with Higher Being. As near s I can figure they travel through dimensions not space. Can be seen by us and are seen by us daily. They love games like soccer and our food is interesting to them. I have been taken to the 5th dimension where their homes are and have examined their shelves, packages and sleeping quarters. They are not so different from us.




Some times I am woken up late at night to write sometimes. Or it is day’s or weeks of space. Time is an earth thing not an L thing. And they are funny. I took everything so seriously at first. But then I would get “HEE HEE”. Laughing, got ya, that was funny. It has been an experience to write with L and if tomorrow it stopped I would be sad. It is a wonderful ride!


And yes, L is here now looking over my shoulder at the library as I write.


Always the scribe—


Have a lovely week.