The Wonderful Tomato

The Wonderful Tomato



Jannie Vaught




The one I patiently wait to ripen, and this year is a “doozie”. They took their own sweet time to ripen, then all of a sudden my counters are loaded with beautiful tomatoes.


Here are some cool facts about the tomato:


Thought to originate in Peru, the name comes from the Aztec word “xitomatl”, which means, “plump thing with a navel.” sounds about right!

There are according to the USDA 25.000 tomato varieties.

Tomato’s are cousins to the eggplant, red pepper, ground cherry, and potato.

The heaviest tomato on record is at 7 pounds 12 ounces, true to it’s aztec name.

The average american eats 22 to 24 pounds of tomato’s per year in sauce, ketchup and salsa also fresh.

They are the 4th most popular fresh market fruit besides, potatoes, lettuce and onions.

Because the tomato has seeds and grows from a flowering plant, botanically it is classified as a fruit and not a vegetable.





Anyway you slice it, sauce it,or can it the tomato is top of the list on just darn good eating’. Put some pasta with it and you have a plate full of good food.





My favorite this time of year is the B L T, Bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich,  also the B A T, Bacon, arugula and tomato sandwich. Which ever way the tomato is eat, it is good.





This year the tiny cherry variety is a true sweet, best tasting tomato ever grown, but then there is the Typhoon which is more tomato than plant and the stand by, Celebrity is a high production variety. The real issue for me as a gardener is which one to grow!  So I just grow ’em all! It is tomato paradise in my garden and for this gardener that is a slice of heaves between toasted bread. So while they are here and fresh from the vine eat a “xitomatl” and smile.


Growing green and tomato red with Jannie

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